Relay Packaging Solutions
We specialize in innovative, sustainable packaging that combines efficiency with environmental responsibility. Let us help you elevate your packaging experience.
Relay Packaging Solutions
Discover the Future of Packaging: Eco-friendly, Durable, and Customizable Solutions Tailored for Your Business.
Relay Packaging Solutions
Packaging Redefined: Streamlining Your Operations with Advanced, Sustainable Materials.
Relay Packaging Solutions
Efficient Packaging, Effective Results: Solutions that Boost Your Brand and Protect the Environment
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About Us

Relay International Corporation is a leading global supplier of branded packaging and trims to retailers, designers and merchants in China.



The Earth is our common home, and we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to protect it together with all travelers, now and in the future. By using FSC wood in our production, we demonstrate the strongest possible commitment to forests, and in doing so, gain significant benefits for protecting our planet.


At Relay International Corporation, our vertical integration process embodies seamless coordination from raw materials to final product delivery. This approach allows us to maintain strict quality control, optimize our supply chain, and ensure timely delivery. By managing every step of the production process in-house, we guarantee consistent excellence in our packaging solutions. 

Competitive Advantages


General Production lead time is as follows, and we can work flexible by prioritizing orders and shipping faster based on customer needs.


Social responsibility is deeply rooted in our company culture. Relay Packaging has established a culture of integrity and purpose that brings together our employees across the world through promoting ethical business conduct and fair labor practices, as well as supporting employee development and community investment.

Competitive Advantages


To ensure consistency from one garment to another, the main purpose of using nominated vendors is achieved by integrating the design and development process into the manufacturing and distribution procedures. By utilizing our global production and distribution of diverse products, clients can ensure the consistency of their packaging with the trimming and embellishment on the garment. Our production capabilities guarantee that the color consistency standards required by large retailers nowadays are met.

Competitive Advantages

Global Logistics

Our goal is to offer global packaging management by offering both local production output points and customer service that is based locally. Our years of experience enable the company to organize production and distribution according to the best logistics.

Innovative Packaging, Global Reach

From Concept to Consumer: Complete Packaging Solutions

Your Brand, Our Expert Packaging: Partnering to Create Customized, Sustainable Packaging Solutions that Elevate Your Brand’s Presence and Appeal.

Global Expertise and Efficiency

Established in 2021, we at Relay International Corporation are renowned for our efficiency in product identification and packaging. Our vast production network enables us to tailor production and distribution for each project, making us one of the most efficient companies globally in our field.

Wide Product Range and Comprehensive Services:

We offer a diverse array of products and services, including corrugated displays, bags, labels, tags, boxes, and packaging solutions for various industries. Our end-to-end services include graphic design, structural engineering, and quality assurance, catering to all your branding and packaging needs.

Local Support with Global Reach

As a global corporation, we provide local support in various regions, ensuring rapid response and personalized service for your delivery and manufacturing requests. Our global presence, combined with in-country service and quality assurance managers, enables us to effectively meet client needs worldwide.

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