Recall Packaging R&D Center enables converters, designers, brand managers and packaging engineers to source materials accurately and seek out inspiration for their projects. We also offer tools to help you determine your product needs, get up to speed on compliance legislation and conduct business efficiently. The R&D team consists of 36 research scientists. The department is under the direct leadership of Shanghai Jiaotong University and National University of Singapore.

It’s no surprise to anybody in design that the rate of technological change is accelerating at a breakneck pace. But what may surprise you is how that pace will challenge your assumptions and redefine the concept of “good packaging.” In the near future integrated and intelligent interactive functionality will revolutionize the consumer experience. Imagine driving engagement, loyalty and trust for brands by communicating with consumers on an item level… continuing the relationship after the initial purchase… ensuring products are being used properly… showing them when foods are ripe. Right now, Recall Packaging is piloting projects in multiple segments across the globe to develop the materials, technologies, packaging and labeling solutions needed to turn the extraordinary into the everyday. Here are a few of the trends we’re exploring

Packaging with “POW” for Added Shelf Power

Today’s designers are already making inroads on interactive packaging to dominate shelf appeal. For instance:

  • Thermocrhromatic inks on packaging that tells consumers whether the beer inside is still cold.
  • Electroluminescent labels that, along with a graphic equalizer display, allow packaging to light up.
  • Special coatings that can deliver a scent upon handling.
  • Packaging that changes color, indicating the ripeness of fruit.

So that is why we set up R&D center – We would like to focus on packaging and to build the world’s professional functional brands. That’s our goal and the cause for the heart..

R&D Tools

Color Measurement Machine

Color Measurement Machine is used for testing the colors from the surface of the products (LAB or Δ>1.
This means when customers would like to have an exact PANTONE color, Color measurement machine is highly efficient and produces accurate results as always.In addition to color tests, the machine performs ink abrasiveness, and other tests. Test conditions are controlled and reproducible through the use of standard pressure and motion.
Features of Color measurement Machine:
  • To determine the Color Fastness of the paper items
  • The equipment consists of a counter
  • It is provided with a flat peg
  • It also consists of an operating handle
  • Tests the color fastness of the textile in a very accurate manner
  • It gives not only accurate but quick results also
Specifications of Crockmeter:
Length of the Traverse
: 150 ±15 mm
Counter (Re-settable)
: 2-Digit Counter
Size of Test Specimen
: 25 cm & 15 cm & 10 cm
Overall Dimension of the Unit
: 30 (W) x 19(D) x 20 (H) cm
Net Weight of the Unit
: 2 Kg. (4.5 lbs.)
: X-rate Pantone
Technical specifications & appearance of machines are subject to change without any notice.

Denier Weighing Scale

The Denier Weighing Scale is used for the determination of the weight of products, or can see total pcs of productions.
Denier weighing scales are used everywhere like in all industry, and are a convenient option for our printer too. The unit is recommended for Yield testing i.e. determination of total pcs for . For determining the weight per length, a weighing scale having the minimum sensitivity of 0.001/0.01 gm is required.
Features of Denier Weighing Scale:
  • Effectively measures denier of weight and total pcs.
  • Automatic Power Off feature incorporated.
  • Gives precise readings.
  • Has durability and enhanced longevity.
Specifications of Denier Weighing Scale:
Weighing units
g, ct, dwt, oz
Automatic power-off
1 minute
PCS range

Laser Scanner

Laser Scanner

The Laser scanner (quick check800) is used for the grade of the upc and barcode, for some big customers, they MUST have at least B grade upc or barcode and laser scanner can ensure this happens.
Features of Laser Scanner ( Quick check 800 ):
  • Automatic Identification Code
  • Storage and printing capability
  • Positive and negative directional scanning capability
  • Multiple scan average
Specifications of Laser Scanner:
Traditional/ American Standard
ANSI Mode (Auto-OPtic)
Laser Mode (Laser)
Code System
Code 39; USS, w/mod43, AIAG B-1, B3/4/5/10, LOGMARS, HIBC
UPC/EAN including 2 and 5 digit supplemental codes
Code 128; USS, UCC/EAN 128 (see Unique ANSI and Laser Mode Features)
USS Codabar
Interleaved 2 of 5; USS, Case Code, w/Mod 10 Check Digit
All ANSI mode parameters
Traditional parameters (except the reflection coefficient)
Decoding rate
Two line LCD display decoding rate (only for continuous device)

Pantone Color Spot Machine

The Pantone Color is used for the pantone color, it can make sure the spot on samples is spot color or four color process.Pantone color spot machine are used very often in priting industry, especially for offset products. Or when have samples from customers or somewhere, not sure if the colors are spot color or four colors, we can use this machine to make sure of that. If it is a spot color, then dnder the microscope is a point. And it will be a mesh point if not.
Features of Denier Weighing Scale:
  • Effectively measures spot color and four color
  • Automatic Power Off feature incorporated.
  • Gives precise results-Points or mesh point.
  • Easy to handle.

Thickness Micrometer

The Thickness Micrometer is used for measuring the thicness of the paper of labels. it often used by quality and controlled to ensure the products are match the request that customers want.
Thickness Micrometer is used very often in Quality restriction, especially for QC and shipping team. When products finish, as always QC team would like to use thickness Micrometer to measure the thickness of the products, in order to ensure the products are matching customers requests
Features of Thickness Micrometer:
  • Effectively measures the thickness of labels and paper items.
  • Small volume.
  • Easy to carry.
  • High accuracy.