About Us

About Relay Packaging

Relay Packaging Group is a leading global packaging raw material supplier. Relay Packaging Group was established in 2021, specializing in manufacturing raw materials for packaging and trims for the garment and accessory industry.

With our production network, Relay Packaging Group Headquarters can manage production and distribution at each of our locations, based exclusively on each program’s requirements, making us one of the most efficient raw material companies in the world.

Relay Packaging Group is committed to providing the most personalized service as a company. A highly trained group of specialists is standing by at each of our locations in order to assist you. Almost limitless production capabilities, coupled with the most personalized and efficient service a company can provide, are an unbeatable combination.

Global Management

Our headquarters are in the US, and every local office across the globe is a component of this global network. The current production sites are strategically placed across China, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. By utilizing a high degree of standardization in production and procedures, we can provide clients worldwide with a quick, consistent, and efficient service. Innovative communication methods and exceptional service combine to enable clients to monitor their production twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week


Social responsibility is deeply rooted in our company culture Relay Packaging has established a culture of integrity and purpose that brings together our employees across the world through promoting ethical business conduct and fair labor practices, as well as supporting employee development and community investment.

Our focus on sustainability is a result of our values and has been a core part of our business approach. Today, this motivates us to collaborate and create shared value for our customers and other business partners. Our Code of Conduct is the foundation of our Values and Ethics program. The Code is a guide for our business conduct, and it assists all employees in understanding how to hold honesty and integrity as a standard for excellent decision-making every day.

Our mission is to ensure that our products are produced with care, in a way that reflects our values and respect for human rights and the environment. We put forth effort to ensure that our workplace is safe and healthy, and that employees and workers are treated fairly and respectfully.

We prioritize safety as a core component of our company culture. We aim to guarantee a safe work environment by providing a workplace that is injury-free and offers resources for all employees.

Establishing strong bonds in the communities where we operate is something we value as a company. Our culture has been shaped by corporate philanthropy and employee volunteerism. We have recently expanded our support for efforts that promote social progress and human development opportunities in Asia.

Our people

We believe the key to a great company is great people. That’s why we hire, develop, and retain talented people who demonstrate our values of safety, respect, integrity, open communication, progressiveness, and profit. We grow our own, offer a competitive salary and benefits package, and create an environment where employees can take pride in their work, feel valued, and go home safely each day.