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General Production lead time is as follows, and we can work flexible by prioritizing orders and shipping faster based on customer needs.


Our Design Center enables converters, designers, brand managers, and packaging engineers to source materials accurately and seek inspiration for their projects. Our tools can assist you in determining your product requirements, learning about compliance legislation, and conducting business efficiently. The Design team is made up of 36 research scientists. The department is directly led by Shanghai Jiaotong University and National University of Singapore, and it’s no surprise that the rate of technological change is accelerating at a breakneck pace. What’s surprising is how that pace will challenge your assumptions and alter the concept of good packaging. In the near future, the consumer experience will be transformed by integrated and intelligent interactive functionality.

Imagine how brands could enhance their engagement, loyalty, and trust by communicating with consumers at the item level, maintaining a relationship after the initial purchase, and ensuring that products are being used correctly.  Our current efforts involve piloting projects in multiple sectors worldwide to develop the materials, technologies, packaging, and labeling solutions needed to make the extraordinary every day. These are a few of the trends we’re exploring.

Designers are already using interactive packaging to increase shelf appeal with ‘POW’.  For example, thermochromics inks are used on packaging to indicate whether the beer inside is still cold.Electroluminescent labels, along with a graphic equalizer display, allow packaging to light up.Special coatings that can produce a scent when handled.The ripeness of fruit can be indicated by packaging that changes color.

The Design Center was created to focus on packaging and create brands that are both professional and functional. That’s our goal and the cause of the heart.

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Quality Control:

To ensure consistency from one garment to another, the main purpose of using nominated vendors is achieved by integrating the design and development process into the manufacturing and distribution procedures. By utilizing our global production and distribution of diverse products, clients can ensure the consistency of their packaging with the trimming and embellishment on the garment. Our production capabilities guarantee that the color consistency standards required by large retailers nowadays are met. Custom dye-to-match items are produced with multiple quality control checks during the manufacturing process to ensure that all batches meet the designated standard for that specific program. We can manage this globally without any customer intervention, from the label that identifies the brand to the lace that embroiders the garment to the barcode that is scanned at the store.

Being a producer instead of a broker allows us to provide accurate quotes for production times while accommodating for the inevitable mistakes that occur during production, such as excess inventory that can lead to shortages on shipping day. We do not rely on third parties for our own production, except for our raw materials. Our Quality Control Department ensures that all production meets the client’s acceptable parameters. To ensure consistency with our quality standards, multiple tests are performed on each production batch before it is shipped.

Global Logistics

Our goal is to offer global packaging management by offering both local production output points and customer service that is based locally. Our years of experience enable the company to organize production and distribution according to the best logistics.